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Posted on October 21 2023

If you’ve been drooling over the pics from the 3 Decades Of Girl Deckaid show, don’t fret. Sure has the worlds only* Eric Koston & Owen Wilson autographed Yeah Right photo right in our store! 

* We assume no one else would be goofy enough to obtain this

(If you have no idea why this is of interest, swipe to the next photo)

Close to 2 decades back I was making my weekly pilgrimage to Jam Factory Boarders to consume imported magazines and coffee, when I happened upon a pretty lightly attended premiere event for a forgettable (well I literary can’t remember) Owen Wilson film. 

Instantly it hit me. The just released Yeah Right DVD had a insert slip with a behind the scenes Koston and Owen Wilson shot from perhaps the greatest celebrity skate cameo of all time. Hansel dropping insider skate chatter whilst the pros visibly struggled to not break out in hysterics was just perfect. Kids the world over recited “Back salad, front salad” and whatever he said about Spanky, an instant classic. 

I hit a very enthusiastic pace home and back to retrieve said photo and found a spot at the red carpet whilst FM radio hosts readied themselves with beaming anticipation. 

“Ohhhh wooooowwww, I’ve never seen this!” Owen exclaims. “Did you like it?” 

He was shocked and delighted to hear that I’d overheard several skate shop debates if it was actually him, “well he didn’t become a pro skater because of acting, that’s why he’s friends with them”.

“That’s so cooool. It was fun to do”. 

Not long after, Eric Koston was back in town so I could “collect them all”. I do recall Eric being pretty amused and seemed very interested about what Owen had to say about his warm recollections of the day.

And now it sits happily in our store. 

“Is that actually Owen Wilson’s autograph?”

“Yeah right!”

(This is a really good watch if you're into this sort of thing)