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Posted on November 23 2023

Imagine The Avengers were real and decades after defeating Thanos they got together for a charity Q&A.



That was the vibe in the air last weekend at the Vans Skatepark for the Bones Brigade Experience, at least for me, I was beyond thrilled. The Bones Brigade skateboard team defined skateboarding in the 80’s.

The videos, combined with Powell Peralta’s iconic graphics and advertising was the perfect multimedia manifesto to kids across the globe to repurpose their local town, big or small, into their own personal skateparks.

They taught you how to make the mundane suburban life we were presented with exciting. How to adapt, be creative and never forget about having fun. Abandoned buildings, urine stenched loading docks and any formation of concrete with a hint of a incline became a portal to the smoothed paved paradise’s of California and beyond.

Their individual personalities and styles, combined with genre defining graphics, seemingly superhuman skateboarding abilities turned a group of upstart skaters into icons that still shine and inspire today.

They say “don’t meet your heroes”, I think you should just pick them better. Thank you Stacy Peralta, George Powell, Steve Caballero, Rodney Mullen, Mike McGill, Lance Mountain, Tony Hawk, Tommy Guerrero & (bonus) Christian Hosoi for the immeasurable joy and inspiration you continue to give.

Enjoy the full Q&A on our YouTube channel and hit the store for a full range of classic Powell Peralta gear. And never stop searching!