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Posted on March 20 2022

Greeting visitors from around the world, the Melbourne International Gateway always gives me a warm glow. The first true Melbourne landmark before reaching the city.

Whilst to many it’s the Cheese Stick or the French Fry, the Gateway’s
70m long gold beam actually represents the Victorian gold rush of the 1850’s, whilst the 36 smaller red beams represent the states wheat industry… but you knew that the moment you saw it, yeah?

Unbeknownst to all but a few, below the 1000’s of cars racking up CityLink beeps is the North Melbourne drains which has given skateboarders a bust free natural skatepark for decades. Providing clips to iconic videos from the likes of Girl & Baker and classic local tapes from Xen & Blank.

It continues to till this very day.

Also, it makes for a sweet new logo. Enjoy.