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Mansfield Square T-Shirt - Berry / Forest

59.95 AUD

Mansfield Square T-Shirt in Berry / Forest

Barry Mansfield for Sure.

I could barely contain my excitement upon discovering Barry’s skateboarding through his two song part in the No Strings Attached video way back in 2009. He seemed to effortlessly glide from well chosen trick to well chosen trick. Often while wearing Half Cabs with shorts, which is always a plus.

Immediately a link was sent over to Keith Hufnagel, who in about the time it took to watch the part replied with a thumbs up to hook him up with his emerging self-titled label. Quite the endorsement.

I’m not surprised his smooth style and impeccable taste has transferred to graphic design. It’s super exciting to introduce the first in a series of prints Barry has put together for us.

Cheers mate!