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Saucony Shadow 6000 - "New York Cheesecake"

149.95 AUD 219.95 AUD

Saucony Shadow 6000 "New York Cheesecake"

Pure decadence.

The Saucony Shadow 6000 New York takes all the best parts of the staple New York cheescake and serves them up as a Saucony Classic.

From the poppy strawberry design to the graham cracker-inspired sole, this iconic running sneaker will leave you hungry for more.

Summoning 1991's best high-mileage running shoe!

These classics support and flex perfectly with the killer cushioning you expect from Saucony.

Indulge yourself with this retro athletic shoe and classic look.

Throw on your Shadow 6000 and break a sweat in the balanced running fashion sneakers you've rocked since back in the day.

+ Ionic cushioning system
+ Polyurethane midsole
+ Triangular lugs
+ Premium sock liner