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Posted on March 22 2022

We were lucky enough to attend the closing reception for Ed Templeton’s latest show “The Spring Cycle” at Roberts Projects in Los Angeles.

Ed’s early video parts with New Deal changed the game. He and Jason Lee’s adaption the local pro freestyler’s flat ground moves to stairs and banks blew the doors off how skaters world wide could utilize their local school or carpark.

I recalled to Ed the phone call I received all the way back in 1991. My highschool friend Matt Black rang me to say that he’d just seen the New Deal 1281 video where Ed had taken the previously curb only noseblunt slide to a top speed attack that slid a 15 foot school bench. As trustworthy as Matt seemed, I still didn’t believe it until I witnessed the tape.

Ed counted with a story of his friend ringing him to try to explain him seeing Mark Gonzales do a then never before documented noseblunt slide at a local spot, “he noseslide the inside of the curb!”

Ok you win that round of noseblunt slide stories Ed.

I always loved the track Ed skated to in 1281 by San Diego based band 411 and listening to it on the way home, it struck me how the lyrics really clicked with pieces in Ed’s show.

So I made this little clip to it for you to enjoy.

Hope you like it.

And to reiterate what I told Ed as I surveyed the room…

“Congrats on how good you got at this!”