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Posted on October 18 2023

Thrilled to have the Sure Sticker Toss wall featured in the latest issue of Closer Magazine.Pre internet, pre a 100’s & 1000’s of skateparks, the wonder years, a skateboard magazine was sacred parchment. The worlds they opened up, tricks, clothes, shoes, art, music, the larger than life characters. I wanted to see and know it all. Each and every issue was to be protected at all costs. Unless the picture was just too good to ever stop looking at it, thus it must be ripped out and affixed to the wall.

Not only would you long to skate around the world along with the godlike pros, but it gave you a key to view the seemingly mundane world around you with a exciting new lens. What the areas the rest of a small town viewed as eyesore, disused and discarded, could be repurposed into a wonderland. Inevitably, they would pave paradise and we would pray they’ed put up a parking lot. That could provide some fun too. Put something in our way, we’ed learn to jump it like, these pages empowered us find a way to adapt, become ill fitting panted cockroaches.
It’s gratifying that our wall, a tribute to everything that was contained on those pages is featured in Closer, a skateboard magazine. Each issue celebrates the rich past and present of that same culture, whilst fittingly helping keep the flickering flame of printed skateboarding burning.

As trivial as it might sound, seeing it printed on the same pages that feature the iconic images of Rick Howard, Kareem, Eric Dressen & Gino that I stared at decades ago is quite the cool little thing.

As pointed out in the mag, I estimate the wall has about 4000 stickers which took probably around 500 hours to edit and place over a span of 10 quite intensive months. A grueling marathon at times, but also a jumbled journey through the history of the coolest stuff of all time. So much art, humour and creativity. Very inspiring.

The entire experience has been so fun. I can’t tell you the relief I felt when it actually worked. I’m not ashamed to admit my eyes definitely swelled up as the wallpaper was applied… I’d never have to explain what it “was going to look like” to a puzzled glaze ever again! 

The countless stories and memories that each of these promotional adhesives conjure are just priceless. I’ll tell you some of them on here soon!
Thanks Jamie & Closer this was tight.
(Collectors we have all restocked all 5 issues, in now!)