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Posted on January 05 2023

Stickers, everyone makes them, everybody wants some and everyone has an old shoebox filled with them. “Sticker Toss” pays tribute to the 1000’s of brands, bands, magazines, shops & pancake restaurant chains that fought for the prestigious promotional space on our board, car, case or wall over the years.
A year in the making, filling the wall was a laugh filled journey through brands past, rummaging through boxes with old friends and connecting with new ones who shared their stash from other parts of the world. 100’s of hours scanning, Photoshopping, arranging. At times it seemed overwhelmingly never ending, but it was rich in fun.
Much thanks to our sticker hording mates Ed Croll, Jason Rothmeyer, Tony Hallam, Stealth, Gary Skinner, Callum Preston, Ben Harriss, Barry Mansfield, Hans D.C., Anthony Mapstone, Andrew Wood, Darren White, Matto O’Brian, Tobi Stanley, Adam Davies, James Fosdike, Andy Murphy, Adrian Demain & Zach Miller.
Thanks also to Powell Peralta Skateshop, Fasttimes, Brooklyn Projects, Supreme LA, Marriage Skateshop, Ichpig, Snakehole, Diamond LA, Closer Magazine, Vans, APB, & HUF LA for helping out with additional stickers.
The stories behind the stickers that make each person smile is what it’s all about, drop past sometime and let’s hear yours.
Can’t wait Steele Saunders / Sure Melbourne