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Snake Pit "Tongue Biters" 1993 - Classic Melbourne Skate Video

Posted on January 27 2023

We just transferred and uploaded an absolute top shelf VHS classic featuring Ryan Denereaz, Ben Harriss, Troy O'Mahoney, Sean Kavanagh, Al Boglio, Ben & Tas Pappas.

The bubble popping in skateboarding’s late 80’s boom along with the rise of increasingly difficult technical switch and flip tricks left only a handful of skateboarders at previously packed hot spots worldwide.

Amongst the remaining hardcore, those that could adapt to the precise techniques required for the surge of new tricks were scarcer still. More often than not, they were outnumbered by swarms of freshly minted Rollerbladers.

In Melbourne their spot of choice and social melting pot was the aging Prahran bowl and vert ramp. The best of best skated for the Snake Pit skate shop just around the corner on Chapel St.

The store's first video Tongue Biters cemented that a new generation were closing the gap with the pro standard in the promised land of California.

Still looking for their second video Nancy Squad but more rarities coming. Holla if you have tapes!